Considerations to Make When Choosing a Cigar Humidor

Finding a way to deal with daily stress is something a person needs to view as a priority. Getting a hobby is a great way for a person to forget about the worries in their life. There is nothing more relaxing than going to the best cigar bars in Lakeland FL and mingling with fellow cigar lovers.

As a person’s love of cigars starts to grow, they will want to compile a collection of their own. Before buying cigars, a person needs to have a way to store them. The following are some of the things a person needs to consider before buying their first humidor.

Choosing the Right Size Humidor

When trying to choose the best humidor, a person will need to think about how big it needs to be. For most newcomers to the world of cigars, getting a small desktop humidor is sufficient. While a person may think they need a large humidor like they see in a cigar lounge in Lakeland, this is rarely the case.

A desktop humidor will hold around 10 to 15 cigars. If only one person will be partaking of the cigars, this is more than plenty. The last thing a person wants is to spend money on a large cigar humidor if they don’t need it. Starting with a smaller humidor is a great idea and far more cost-effective.

Check Out the Seal on the Humidor

As a person starts to look at smaller humidors on the market, they need to pay close attention to the seal they have. Ideally, a person wants to choose a humidor with a great seal. If the moisture in the humidor is allowed to escape, it is only a matter of time before the cigars in it start to dry out.

The best thing a person can do to check the seal on the humidor is place their hand near the mouth of it. As the humidor is closed, a person should feel a sudden blast of air on their hand. This means that the seal has done its job and is keeping moisture on the cigars.

The Hardware the Humidor Has

The next thing a person needs to consider when choosing a humidor is the hardware it comes with. Selecting a humidor that has a thermometer is a good idea. This will allow a person to keep a close eye on the inner temperature of the humidor to ensure it is not too high.

Seeking out some advice from the professionals in cigar bars in Lakeland is a good idea. A person may also want to speak with a tobacconist Lakeland to figure out which humidor is the right fit.


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